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  1. Z

    COMPARE CMU MSCF vs Columbia MFE

    CMU vs Columbia til the end of time. Hi guys, I am sure many people are or will be facing this decision in the coming week. I'm a undergrad student in the States and I'm struggling between these two programs. I am already offered admission at CMU and Columbia. Columbia only gives me 6 days...
  2. P

    COMPARE UC Berkeley MFE vs NYU maths in finance

    Hello everyone, so I have an offer from Berkeley for financial engineering and an offer from NYU for mathematics in finance, also waiting to hear back for Columbia MFE. I'm having a tough time deciding between Berkeley and NYU so would like to see what other people think. Here's how I see it...
  3. D

    COMPARE NYU Courant vs Columbia MFE

    Hi there, I have been admitted to NYU Courant Master in Mathematics in Finance and Columbia Master in Financial Engineering. I'm very happy but I really don't know which one to pick now. Columbia has a stronger brand and definitely a bigger alumni network. NYU's brand is weaker (but Courant is...
  4. Q

    Applying to MFEs after a professional sabbatical

    Hey guys, I'm looking to apply to a couple of NY-based MFE programs (Baruch & Columbia). I have about 18 months work ex at a sell side electronic trading quant desk at a BB (straight out of an internationally known 'target school'), and am a CFA Level 3 candidate. I have had to take a...
  5. Q

    Columbia MFE Columbia MFE done sending admits already?

    Hey guys, I am wondering whether they have already done sending all the ads this year. It seems that for the past two days no one updated the tracker reporting ads.. I interviewed quite a while ago but have not heard back from them since:(:(:(:( It there still hope or?... Also if I got...
  6. yo yue

    Columbia MFE anyone got columbia MFE offer (1st deposite date?) request a expedite decision on NYU or Baruch...

    Just wondering if anyone has done so... for the ppl who got offer, is there a specified deadline for 1st deposite... Many thanks,
  7. Y

    Columbia MFE Anyone got Columbia MFE interview?

    It seems that Columbia sent interview invitations at the end of Jan last year.
  8. mohsin

    COMPARE Columbia financial economics vs financial engineering

    guys i have a question, Columbia university has a master of science in financial economics and has another master of financial engineering. i wonder which one of these two has more/better career options and make more money. i am finishing my undergrad this semester and my knowledge of the two...
  9. A

    COMPARE CMU MSCF or Columbia MFE?

    Which one do you think is better?
  10. U

    Columbia MFE about 2013 Columbia MFE Admission

    Is there anyone applying for columbia MFE? Have they started to send out interview invitation already? One of my professor just submitted his recommendation last week... Will they review my application?
  11. V

    Review of Columbia University Financial Engineering program

    Hi I would like to know if work experience is required for this program at Columbia. If no, then what % of the students enrolled do not have prior work experience. Thanks
  12. Andy Nguyen

    Columbia FE course on Coursera

    After University of Washington offered their Intro to Computational Finance on Coursera, Columbia is the second major university that offers a course in financial engineering on this platform. Financial Engineering and Risk Management Martin Haugh and...
  13. C

    Columbia MSOR Columbia MSFE reject, redirected to MSOR

    Hi, I have just been rejected from Columbia's MSFE a few days ago, and have been offered a chance to reapply for their MSOR program. At this time, I am still unsure of whether I want to go for MSOR. However, the deadline is approaching and I don't quite understand the process. In the email, it...
  14. GiggsyNineHundred

    COMPARE Columbia MSOR vs. MFE

    I have been noticing that many MFE applicants are being directed to MSOR. Given that MFE and MSOR students can take few common classes, how is job prospect for for the MSOR?
  15. Andy Nguyen

    Columbia MFE 2012 Columbia MFE admission thread

    It's that time of year again where applicants frantically finish up their application to beat the Dec 15th deadline (don't they just wait till last minute). So let's gather all applicants to Columbia MFE program for 2012 here and share stories and wait for the results. It's going to be as much...
  16. Andy Nguyen

    Columbia MFE Columbia MFE suggested reading list

    The following is a list of books suggested to every incoming MFE student at Columbia University. GENERAL BACKGROUND (Good to have read) Capital Ideas by Peter L. Bernstein A Demon of Our Own Design: Markets, Hedge Funds, and the Perils of Financial Innovation by Richard Bookstaber My Life as a...
  17. Andy Nguyen

    Columbia MFE Columbia MFE in pictures

    The following pictures were taken by Quantnet during our visit to the Columbia MFE program on Feb 28th, 2011. The Financial Engineering workshop organized by the IEOR dept with Peter Carr as guest speaker happened to take place on the evening of our stay there. We'd like to thank the people of...
  18. V

    Columbia MFE Phone call from Columbia MFE admissions ?

    Just got an email from the admissions office regarding my application to mfe. They want me to call them to further discuss my candidacy and interest in Columbia. Has anyone else gotten this? Is this new? I've never heard of this. Does this mean I am at the bottom of the admissions list and...