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  1. bryanharb

    Columbia MSOR

    Hi guys, I created a group on Facebook for incoming MSOR students for Fall 2018 at Columbia. Feel free to join the group "MSOR Columbia Fall 2018" at Log into Facebook | Facebook See you in NY!
  2. EmpireState

    Columbia MSOR - Summer Internships in NYC

    I am a first semester graduate student in Columbia's MSOR program. The program is 30 credits, which I can complete in two semesters and finish in May 2016.(of course I can extend it to 3 semesters) I am wondering if its wise to do it as quickly as two semesters I don't know what the hiring...
  3. E

    Columbia MSOR Chances of MSOR Admit after redirect from Columbia MSFE

    I hope I'm not duplicating someone's question, but I looked through the other threads and couldn't find anything. Just curious if the MSOR redirect is something they offer any rejected applicant from the MSFE Program? If not so, what are chances of admission if they've put you on some kind of a...
  4. K

    Columbia MSOR Columbia MSOR - Application Process Problem?

    Hi! I have applied for the MS in Operations Research at Columbia in mid-November, and the last recommendation letter was submitted at the end of November. However, besides the first email which confirmed the submission of my application, I have not received ANYTHING from them since then. Is that...
  5. QuantNet

    Review of Columbia University Operation Research MSOR program

    Placeholder for discussion
  6. C

    Columbia MSOR Columbia MSFE reject, redirected to MSOR

    Hi, I have just been rejected from Columbia's MSFE a few days ago, and have been offered a chance to reapply for their MSOR program. At this time, I am still unsure of whether I want to go for MSOR. However, the deadline is approaching and I don't quite understand the process. In the email, it...
  7. GiggsyNineHundred

    COMPARE Columbia MSOR vs. MFE

    I have been noticing that many MFE applicants are being directed to MSOR. Given that MFE and MSOR students can take few common classes, how is job prospect for for the MSOR?
  8. Aachen

    COMPARE Operation Research (Columbia) Vs. Financial Engineering (Imperial College)

    Hi All, I am in a special situation and I have to make my decision whithin 2 weeks. I have received admissions from Columbia's Operations Research program (MSOR) and Imperial College's Risk Management and Financial Engineering (RMFE) program. As you know MSOR at columbia is offered by the same...
  9. Forza

    Columbia MSOR Anyone else headed to Columbia MSOR?

    Hi folks, Just wanted to start a thread for anyone that is headed to Columbia MSOR, so maybe we can get to know each other or chat about the program itself before the start of the program. To start off, just some basic info about me - Went to a state school through an Air Force scholarship...
  10. F

    Columbia MSOR some truth about the Columbia MSOR

    I see some misleading information and some very ignorant comments about the Columbia OR program here. So I would like to start this new thread to tell some truth about OR and the Columbia program. The following information is from the IEOR department of Columbia University. " MSOR degree...