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    COMPARE Program Choice LSE,UCLA,CMU

    Hi, I have been following quantnet's posts for all this year. I can say that they were very helpful and since my experience from my applications is coming to an end, I feel that I must give back to this site. I will come back to it with some interesting details about several programs that I...
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    CMU MSCF (New York) v.s. Columbia MSFE

    Hi guys, I just got offers from CMU and Columbia. I don't know which program to choose. They are both top programs in FE. I know CMU has better career service, but Columbia is an Ivy League university. I heard that CMU had more connection with Goldman, DB and UBS, and Columbia had more with...
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    Princeton MFin v. Stanford ICME MCF

    A little background: I am graduating this spring with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and have been admitted into both these programs. I am very interested in the growing fin-tech field and looking to get into the programming side of finance. Any thoughts or advice on the differences and...