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  1. J

    MIT MFin Questions about MIT MFin

    Hi everyone! I am Jason from China, and I recently got admitted to the MIT MFin program. Currently, I intend to do quantitative research on buyside hedge fund in US after my graduation. I searched on Quantnet Forum and other Forums on the internet, and there are a few but not many reviews or...
  2. A

    Anybody know where I can take Stochastic course online?

    Hi guys! I need some help find an online course! I've been admitted to Cornell MFE, But I need to complete a prereq course: ORIE 3510 - Introduction to Engineering Stochastic Processes I Uses basic concepts and techniques of random processes to construct models for a variety of problems of...
  3. T

    Cornell FE No info from Cornell after interview=rejection?

    Dear all, I have attended the interview of Cornell MFE in early Feb. Now Cornell has sent many admissions but I did not hear from them for over 20 days after the interview. I am very anxious, does it mean a rejection?
  4. K

    Baruch MFE vs Cornell MFE?

    Hi, guys! I have received the offers from Baruch MFE and Cornell MFE? I am required to make decisions before Feb 25? Which one do you think is better?
  5. QuantNet

    Cornell University Financial Engineering program

    Program Philosophy Cornell MFE degree is offered by School of Operations Research and Information Engineering (ORIE) as part of its Master in Engineering program. Cornell MFE is a highly competitive and professionally oriented program building on traditional mathematical, scientific, and...
  6. A

    Cornell FE Review of Cornell University Financial Engineering program

    In regards to the practicality of stochastic calculus and credit risk: There are students who are graduating from the program who will mostly be using the methods taught in those two specific courses. The purpose of the two courses is to give you an introduction in their world, the rest must be...