• C++ Programming for Financial Engineering
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    Python for Finance with Intro to Data Science
    Gain practical understanding of Python to read, understand, and write professional Python code for your first day on the job. Coming soon.
    An Intuition-Based Options Primer for FE
    Ideal for entry level positions interviews and graduate studies, specializing in options trading arbitrage and options valuation models.

dan stefanica

  1. Joy Pathak

    Review 'A Primer for the Mathematics of Financial Engineering' Second Edition

    As many of you know Dr. Dan Stefanica released the second edition of his best seller book, ‘The Primer for the Mathematics of Financial Engineering’. When I heard that Dr. Stefanica would be personally signing every copy of the first set of shipments I went ahead and got myself the book and a...
  2. Joy Pathak

    Review: A Primer for the Mathematics of Financial Engineering

    Paperback: 302 pages Publisher: FE Press (April 4, 2008) Amazon review This is my first review in a range of reviews I will be posting from the viewpoint of a student. The reviews will entail everything from books, to movies (if I have time to watch any), to that Café on 30th and 3rd. For me to...