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    Course selection, Data science

    Hi. I am about to start on my Master degree in math-econ and I have to select my electives for next year. I want to learn more about dealing data, programming and databases etc. I found this course: 02807 Computational Tools for Big Data Is that too technical and mostly useful for Software...
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    Advice on Mortgage Project.

    Hi, I'm a 4th year undergrad currently trying to formulate a project on mortgage backed securities. I'm hoping to use multiple areas of math/data science to formulate an amateur prepayment model. Based on my little knowledge, 1) Interest Rate Model; Probably going to be a simple 1-factor CIR...
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    Career in data science or quantitative finance?

    I'm currently considering my future career path..two options - data/business analyst or jobs like quant, portfolio management, risk management. Which one do you think is more promising in the next few years? I get confused because I have been admitted by both the program focusing on data...

    Big 4 Audit to Data Science Financial Analyst?

    Hey Everyone, I've worked in accounting for the past 3 years as a CPA in audit and I'm wanting to know a little more about data science. I've been applying for finance jobs such as Snr. Financial analyst & FP&A analyst, as my long term goal is to assist with the corporate strategy through...
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    Analytics for Trading desk of BB vs Market Risk in Asset Management

    I have offers for a data science and analytics role on the trading desk of a BB in New York and another for quantitative risk management within a $250B asset management firm and need your opinions. To provide more context: a) The analytics role resides directly in the trading business and I...