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  1. Ryan Shrott

    Windows programming, Multi-threading, Database connections in C++

    My new job requires that I have a deep understanding of the following concepts: 1. Windows programming 2. Database connections 3. Multi threading Can someone provide introductory references to help me learn these concepts?
  2. J

    Hedge fund IT Intern - worth taking?

    I have the opportunity to intern at a hedge fund as an trading system IT intern and I will be helping the traders in database migration and building low-latency databases. Pros: - Traders and researchers are friendly people and are willing to teach - Hedge fund is willing to hire high...
  3. roni

    Databases and SQL- where to start?

    Hello, I'm a complete novice with everything related to databases, so if some of the things I say sound stupid, I apologize. All right, I think I would like to get a grip on databases areas that might be helpful in several positions in quant finance. Which major topics would you recommend me to...