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education advice

  1. A

    Course selection, Data science

    Hi. I am about to start on my Master degree in math-econ and I have to select my electives for next year. I want to learn more about dealing data, programming and databases etc. I found this course: 02807 Computational Tools for Big Data Is that too technical and mostly useful for Software...
  2. M

    Will a couple bad grades in math and cs strongly affect my chances?

    Hi guys, I’m trying to apply for a top MFE for fall 2017. I went to a solid state school on a full ride, majored in Finance and had two minors in Statistics and Computer Science (GPA 3.42). After graduation, I worked for a well-known Asset Manager as part of a two-year quant group rotational...
  3. A

    Dazed and confused.

    Hi Guys, I am a Computer Engineer from Mumbai University. My final year aggregate is 59% (3.0 GPA). I do have good work experience as an equity research analyst, which will be of 2 years coming September. My IELTS score is decent, 8/9 and GRE score is poor, 300/340; V: 146, Q:154. I have...
  4. Jace Pack

    Phd from Mid range school vs Masters from Ivy

    Hey thanks for reading. I am an undergraduate math/stat student with some time to ponder graduate school applications. My question: As far as job prospects go how does a phd in statistics from say 20-40 ranked (usnews) program compare to a masters in statistics or FE from a top 10 program such...
  5. I

    Lower than expected GRE scores

    Hi everyone, I'm not feeling well about my GRE scores. But first to introduce myself, I am in my last year majoring in Math and Stats with a Minor in Finance at a Canadian university. I have a very high gpa (~3.97/4.00), and two risk management internships at a big Canadian bank. I first took...