1. A

    Course selection, Data science

    Hi. I am about to start on my Master degree in math-econ and I have to select my electives for next year. I want to learn more about dealing data, programming and databases etc. I found this course: 02807 Computational Tools for Big Data Is that too technical and mostly useful for Software...
  2. AutumnWater

    Leftover Undergrad subject choices in pure maths after all relevant applied/stats are done

    So I realised I should focus on applied and stats units as I read through other posts in this forum. To save words, after I've filled my degree with all the appropriate applied and stats units, plus real analysis to help with measure theory and probability. What other pure maths subjects should...
  3. J

    Advice to a High School Student

    Hi I'm Jesse! Over the past few months I have become increasingly interested in Quantitative Finance because it combines challenging problems with a much higher compensation than Academia (I'm a little greedy; I hope that's socially acceptable here). If I study independently with a...
  4. avarava

    Strong in Math Weak in Programming!! Can I Still Dream?

    I was always told that people who are good in Math are essentially good in computer programming too. Well I am definitely an exception to that rule. I have always enjoyed and performed very well in Mathematics (including college mathematics...PDE, Linear Algebra, Probability etc.). However, I...
  5. T

    PhD in Stats vs Applied Maths vs Pure Math

    sorry for the short body, but my laptop is on the fritz and i have to use the on-screen keyboard to type. so basically my question is which would be most beneficial to acquire to enter the field? I am at a crux between my desire to do the modelling, but i also want to be able to use the models...
  6. Dylan Brown

    Please provide advice for a prospective quant

    I'm almost certainly a significant amount younger than everyone on this thread, as I'm going into my senior year in high school in the United States. I'm also fully aware that many of you will not take me seriously because of that, that's okay. I'm asking for some of the more experienced...