1. P

    Option strategies interview questions

    Hi All, Here is a question I am not able to solve: your help will be much appreciated! Suppose you know the following information about a market: - Future is at 66 - 70 strike straddle is trading at 27 - 50-60 put spread is at 2.5 - 50-60-70 put fly is at .2 - Assume volatility is...
  2. Jack Knowd

    For Python Quants Conference - New York, 6th May

    The CQF Institute and The Python Quants are returning to New York to bring you a week of Python for finance in the heart of the city, starting with the Python Bootcamps and concluding with the For Python Quants Conference, the annual event for quant professionals using Python. Stay informed...
  3. D

    From Finance to Quantitative Finance

    Hey! I will soon graduate with a degree in Finance and Investments and I would like to go to University of Glasgow to study MSc. Quantitative Finance. I do not necessarily want to be a quant trader or other things like that, but I have really enjoyed the numerical modules in my undergraduate...