financial engineering

  1. P

    COMPARE UC Berkeley MFE vs NYU maths in finance

    Hello everyone, so I have an offer from Berkeley for financial engineering and an offer from NYU for mathematics in finance, also waiting to hear back for Columbia MFE. I'm having a tough time deciding between Berkeley and NYU so would like to see what other people think. Here's how I see it...
  2. D

    From Finance to Quantitative Finance

    Hey! I will soon graduate with a degree in Finance and Investments and I would like to go to University of Glasgow to study MSc. Quantitative Finance. I do not necessarily want to be a quant trader or other things like that, but I have really enjoyed the numerical modules in my undergraduate...
  3. D

    COMPARE NYU Courant vs Columbia MFE

    Hi there, I have been admitted to NYU Courant Master in Mathematics in Finance and Columbia Master in Financial Engineering. I'm very happy but I really don't know which one to pick now. Columbia has a stronger brand and definitely a bigger alumni network. NYU's brand is weaker (but Courant is...
  4. Ryan Shrott

    FinTech (Financial Technology)

    I attended a mathematical finance conference last weekend. To my surprise, most of the presentations were about the up-and-coming financial technology industry. Some buzzwords from the conference: robo-advisor, BIG data, block chains, cyber security, hash functions, dark pools, hackers, machine...
  5. Cody.Wan

    Econometric course for prospect financial engineering student?

    I'm a sophomore in an undergraduate business school. For some reasons, my courses are a bit packed. I've decided to apply to master in financial engineering programs so that besides tons of graduate requirement courses I have to take, most of the courses I plan to take are finance, math, stats...
  6. Jeff Scroggs

    NCSU MFM NC State Financial Math Information Session – February 2, 2016

    You are invited! Join us to learn about the Masters of Financial Mathematics at NC State. The depth of understanding provided by NC State prepares students to respond to today’s rapidly evolving economic and financial landscape. This session will be hosted by Dr. Jeff Scroggs, Director. the...
  7. HorB

    Pricing Swaption with BDT model

    Hello everyone, i'm trying to complete the first part of the on-line course on RiskManagement (Coursera Platform) offered by the Columbia University. My doubt regards the pricing of the swaption using binomial tree with BDT model calibration. I attach the file with my calculus; has everyone...
  8. E

    Studying FE but Don't Want to be a Trader

    Hi, I am honestly fascinated by the core disciplines of FE, in which mathematical models are used to understand finance. However, I know that many FE graduates move on to be more of a supporting role/coding in sales and trading or even risk management. I previously worked in corporate banking...
  9. E

    Pursuing a degree in FE

    Hi, I am currently an undergraduate at both University College London and London School of Economics pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering with Business Finance. I am considering to study a masters in Financial Engineering because I think I'm too young to work (I graduate when I'm 20) and...
  10. N

    Need help understanding basics of cash flow engineering

    I'm studying Financial Engineering, a subject I'm completely new to. I'm using Principles of Financial Engineering 3rd Edition and trying to solve the exercises of the chapter on Cash Flow Engineering. The first question states You have a 4-year coupon bond that pays semiannual interest. The...
  11. Vanessa Quintero

    Undergraduate looking for advice

    Hello all! So this is my first post. I am a freshman in college and I chose to major in Electrical Engineering, however, I don't know if that is what I would really like to be. I was talking to a fellow friend who is also a Professor that traveled and has experienced a great deal. He had...
  12. J

    Whether to give the GRE/GMAT?

    Hi, Which exam the GRE/GMAT is more widely accepted for the quant programs? As they vary when it is provided by an eng. school or a B-school? Appreciate your advise. Thanks
  13. Mehul Soni

    MFE after CA

    Hello everyone.. I am currently a B. Com graduate from Mumbai University in India and pursuing Chartered Accountancy course. I wish to go for Masters in Financial Engineering after completing my CA. Is it a correct decision because i have been specializing in accounting and have very little...
  14. Andy Nguyen

    The Financial Engineering Degree and 5 recommendations for improving quantitative finance programs

    Teri Geske is a lecturer and Executive in Residence at the UCLA Anderson MFE Program. She share with QuantNet a few years ago about "Top 10 Things Practitioners Really Want from Financial Engineers". She recently wrote an article on GARP to reflect on what she has observed about the financial...
  15. QuantNet

    The Coming Glut of Financial Engineers

    In the last ten years, the number of graduate programs in quant finance has exploded, as has the number of MFE grads with an eye on top jobs at big-name firms. A decade ago there were seven graduate level quant programs in the United States; today there are close to a hundred – each cranking out...