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    COMPARE Fordham MQF or Cass MQF ?

    Hi, my Gpa 3.3 Gre Q: 164 I recently got admitted to both Cass Master in Quant. Finance and Fordham MQF. Could you gently advise me about which of the two you'd prefer and why ? (Without Considering Locations, i am indifferent between London and NYC) - also, can you suggest me some other...
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    Hi I'm Richard, Not Chinese

    It’s been a busy summer for me between the wedding planning, the summer refresher course and studying for the CAIA Level II exam. I hope to catch up with my blog posts by the end of the week. Today’s post will focus on the summer refresher course. I will follow it up with a post about the...
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    Prerequisites and Summer Courses for Fordham MSQF

    I thought now–before the program starts–would be a good time to go over the application process, prerequisites and summer courses. I won’t rehash the application requirements that can already be found on the Fordham website: I’ll focus instead on what happens after the application is submitted...
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    Win or Go Home, A Quant student blog

    "Everything negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for me to rise."– Kobe Bryant I chose the above quote for my introductory post because it will set the tone for what I hope to accomplish in this blog. I will be attending Fordham University’s MS in Quantitative Finance...