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  1. D

    Please help with determing my chances of getting into UCLA

    Hi Everyone, I took the GMAT and I got very apprehensive about my odds of getting into a top ranked school like UCLA. I have a degree in Economics (3.7/4.0) with the following math courses: ODE, Linear Algebra and Real Analysis. Additionally, I’m studying for the CFA exam. On the GMAT I got a...
  2. J

    Whether to give the GRE/GMAT?

    Hi, Which exam the GRE/GMAT is more widely accepted for the quant programs? As they vary when it is provided by an eng. school or a B-school? Appreciate your advise. Thanks
  3. F

    GRE/GMAT Advice

    Hi everyone, I would like to thank everyone for this amazing forum, which I have been following for a while and gave me many precious advice. I am writing here to ask a more personal question, I am interested in two years from now to attend a MFE and one of the requirements of the many...
  4. bani_light

    Some advices from GMAT 700+ scorers please

    Hi I felt disappointed and sad when each time I set for computer Gmat test, I socre below 450, I have been preparing for the test for 2 months by purchasing Manhattan GMAT strategy set (the whole books), I will set for the real test on march 7th , in 2 days, I feel blocked despite the efforts...