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  1. H

    HF Looking for Quant Research Analyst

    Hi all, I work at an executive search firm recruiting investment professionals for top-tier hedge funds. I just launched a new search looking for a quantitative research analyst. Below is the spec/qualifications: if you think you could be a good fit for this role, please email me your resume to...
  2. The Spartan Guy

    What is a trading analyst position like?

    About myself: Finishing Ph.D. in computer engineering from a good (but not top) university. Interested in quant positions, specifically those which involve lots of mathematics, stochastic calculus etc. Initially, I was giving serious thoughts only to investment banks like J.P.M, Deutsche etc...
  3. O

    another phd student looking at the fork in the road

    Quantnet hello, I'm happy I've found you. I am a 2nd year DPhil student with a recent growing interest in the quant space. My background is in Physics. I've decided that academia is not for me and am now looking elsewhere. Quant seems very interesting because I can make use of what I have...
  4. Jacques Joubert

    Open Source Hedge Fund

    My current idea is to put together an open source hedge fund (OSHF) project where the community can come together to build and learn from each other. (I am a professional in the HF space) I started by hiring a couple of graduates for the June holiday to create the skeleton for the project going...
  5. W

    Should I start my career in a small hedge fund?

    Hi all, I would like to have some professional career advice as I am worrying I do a wrong choice for my career path. I am a PhD student in computer science in machine learning field in NTU, one of universities in Singapore. I am expected to submit my thesis mid of next year. I have been...
  6. J

    Hedge fund IT Intern - worth taking?

    I have the opportunity to intern at a hedge fund as an trading system IT intern and I will be helping the traders in database migration and building low-latency databases. Pros: - Traders and researchers are friendly people and are willing to teach - Hedge fund is willing to hire high...