1. F

    GS Strats Experience

    Did anyone work as an SA in GS Strats? Looking for someone to talk to about the opportunity and to learn about their experiences.
  2. E

    Co-op jobs that will assist in getting a quant position

    I'm a co-op student from the University of Waterloo enrolled in the MathFin and CS program. While my last few and current internships have been focused in software development, I wish to aim for a quant position, or something related to it before I aim for an MFE degree to assist me in finding a...
  3. Gavin L

    S&T Quant Analyst Internship: How to prepare?

    Hey all, Somehow I've got a BB quant analyst internship (I'm still an undergrad) this summer (southern hemisphere). My boss said I should brush up on coding and interest rates, but he wasn't terribly specific. I didn't ask further questions at that time, but will contact him later. What do you...
  4. Four

    Cryptocurrency Quant Internship

    I was recently contacted about a quantitative finance internship at a cryptocurrency startup that is currently in stealth mode. The only thing I know is that the person who contacted me was from "Parametric Recruiting". Has anyone ever heard of them?