interview preparation

  1. P

    Option strategies interview questions

    Hi All, Here is a question I am not able to solve: your help will be much appreciated! Suppose you know the following information about a market: - Future is at 66 - 70 strike straddle is trading at 27 - 50-60 put spread is at 2.5 - 50-60-70 put fly is at .2 - Assume volatility is...
  2. SeanLee

    Preparation for GS Strats London interview

    Hey guys. I hope I can get some suggestions for my interview preparation. My background is machine learning/CS. I am in my second year of master. I have no finance background. Now I got a final interview invitation from GS Strats division at London. I am applying the new analyst program. The...
  3. Andy Nguyen

    Ask Ellen - Job Hunting and Career Development Advice

    Questions about job-hunting, your career path, workplace issues, interview and review preparation, salary and benefits negotiation? Ask Ellen Reeves, one of the contributors to QuantNet 2012-2013 International Guide to Programs in Financial Engineering. Career and workplace advisor Ellen...