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    Mortgage Risk Quantitative Analyst Interview

    Hello, I have a panel interview in 3 days for Mortgage Risk Quantitative Analyst. Any advice would be appreciated on what kind of questions should i expect, and what topics should i prepare for it? Kindly advise. Thanks & Regards.
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    UCB MFE Typical questions during interview

    Hello, awesome community I would be very happy, if anyone with interviewing experience shared their knowledge. I have seen a lot of people claim they were asked "technical" questions. What kind of technical questions does one usually receive? If possible, please write in details, every single...
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    7.7 Trading Wintern London

    Hi, I can't find much about the London winternship. I just finished first year of maths from one of the European universities mentioned on their list of "recent campus visits", applied for the quant trading role at London on a whim and got a first interview scheduled very fast. (Is it normal to...