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job hunting advice

  1. The Spartan Guy

    What is a trading analyst position like?

    About myself: Finishing Ph.D. in computer engineering from a good (but not top) university. Interested in quant positions, specifically those which involve lots of mathematics, stochastic calculus etc. Initially, I was giving serious thoughts only to investment banks like J.P.M, Deutsche etc...
  2. The Spartan Guy

    What are some second tier banks with quant roles in Asia Pacific?

    I am finishing my Ph.D. in Computer engineering and need to get my feet in the door. Not being from a top ten university, I don't think my profile meets the expectation of giants like J. P. M, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank etc. However, I am interested to know what are some other banks which have...
  3. Robert C.

    Current PhD. Student Considering the Switch to Quant.

    Hi all, This is my first post here ~ I am hoping that there are experienced quant's or recruiters on this board who could help provide me with some career guidance. I am strongly considering changing career course towards something more lucrative. Let me begin with a quick bio: I...
  4. Ken Abbott

    Finance Industry Dictates Changes to Job Market

    This article appears in QuantNet 2013-2014 International Guide to Programs in Financial Engineering. The job market for quants has changed inexorably. The “particle finance” trend of the last 20 years is on the wane. While funds will still be able to trade on a prop basis, banks’ ability to do...
  5. Andy Nguyen

    Ask Ellen - Job Hunting and Career Development Advice

    Questions about job-hunting, your career path, workplace issues, interview and review preparation, salary and benefits negotiation? Ask Ellen Reeves, one of the contributors to QuantNet 2012-2013 International Guide to Programs in Financial Engineering. Career and workplace advisor Ellen...