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    Dazed and confused.

    Hi Guys, I am a Computer Engineer from Mumbai University. My final year aggregate is 59% (3.0 GPA). I do have good work experience as an equity research analyst, which will be of 2 years coming September. My IELTS score is decent, 8/9 and GRE score is poor, 300/340; V: 146, Q:154. I have...
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    Question regarding Trading Strategies optional course at Imperial College MSc Risk Man & Fin Eng

    The paragraph provided below is the description available about the course, does anyone know any details of how the course is taught or the books used or the topics covered etc? Any help is appreciated, thanks! " Trading Strategies course In the spring or summer term, we offer an optional...
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    7.7 Trading Wintern London

    Hi, I can't find much about the London winternship. I just finished first year of maths from one of the European universities mentioned on their list of "recent campus visits", applied for the quant trading role at London on a whim and got a first interview scheduled very fast. (Is it normal to...