1. E

    Career advice

    Hello community, I am second year in university studying Computer Science.What finance career(with programming language) should I chase, because I am former mathematics olympiad competitor for over 5 years at the highest international level (IMO,Putnam competitions etc.) in other words my...
  2. The Spartan Guy

    Mathematics vs. Programming! Can I choose one over the other

    I am graduating with Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, in Singapore, want a quant job. Somewhat ironically, even though my degree is in computer engineering, I am more interested in the economics and core mathematics side of the job rather than the coding side. (But I have decent coding skill in...
  3. Gnasher

    Recruitment Questions

    In 1990, The Corporations revenue in The Sector was 4.6 million USD. In 2000, The Corporation's revenue in The Sector was 7.2 million USD. Given that the revenue for The Sector as a whole decreased by 15% between 1990 and 2000, by what percentage has The Corporation's share of The Sector grown...