mfe application advice

  1. Q

    Applying to MFEs after a professional sabbatical

    Hey guys, I'm looking to apply to a couple of NY-based MFE programs (Baruch & Columbia). I have about 18 months work ex at a sell side electronic trading quant desk at a BB (straight out of an internationally known 'target school'), and am a CFA Level 3 candidate. I have had to take a...
  2. P

    MFE application

    Hi, I am applying for MFE program this year. I have good GRE scores (153+167) and 2.5 years of professional experience in Algo Trading development. But I have a very low CGPA. I have also cleared level1 CFA and writing FRM Level1 thjs month. Can anybody please suggest me if there are any...
  3. avarava

    Strong in Math Weak in Programming!! Can I Still Dream?

    I was always told that people who are good in Math are essentially good in computer programming too. Well I am definitely an exception to that rule. I have always enjoyed and performed very well in Mathematics (including college mathematics...PDE, Linear Algebra, Probability etc.). However, I...
  4. P

    MFE application

    Hi, I just got my GRE scores (Q:166,V:152:) and I have a 2.5 years of professional experience. But I have a very low CGPA. Can you advice me on which universities I can apply in or which ones do I have a chance of getting accepted? Thanks
  5. P

    Need help to choose quant programs

    Hi! Im Adithya from India. Below is my profile: GMAT - 700 TOEFL-113 B Tech in Biomedical Engineering - 3.2 GPA (VIT University). Two years of work exp in JAVA in Accenture. 4 Months of internship in a Financial Advisory. Certificate in C++/C programming. I am only applying to programs which...
  6. P

    Senior undergraduate need advice

    Hi, I am expecting this post will make upright fellows consider me as another ignorant undergraduate posting question asking about the life universe and everything else and I am more than happy to listen for all kinds of advice you would like to give, while some of them I might not understand...
  7. G

    Advice for Princeton MFin Applicants

    Over the past two months, I have seen several threads asking for advice on applying to Princeton Bendheim's MFin program, what the school is looking for, and many other questions. People on the forums have pointed to me because I go to school there, and they think I have some clue as to how the...
  8. Bill Stanley

    Do’s and Don’ts of MFE Applications

    This article appears in QuantNet 2013-2014 International Guide to Programs in Financial Engineering. When applying to a master’s program, it is not possible to specify the exact requirements necessary to be accepted, because there is flexibility in the process. An application that is weaker in...