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mfe program review

  1. P

    Need help to choose quant programs

    Hi! Im Adithya from India. Below is my profile: GMAT - 700 TOEFL-113 B Tech in Biomedical Engineering - 3.2 GPA (VIT University). Two years of work exp in JAVA in Accenture. 4 Months of internship in a Financial Advisory. Certificate in C++/C programming. I am only applying to programs which...
  2. QuantNet

    Review of University of Michigan Financial Engineering program

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  3. QuantNet

    Review of Columbia University Operation Research MSOR program

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  4. K

    NYU Courant - Mathematics in Finance Master's Program

    "....A few students got highly demanding quant positions." Can someone put more light into this? what makes the quant job more demanding? what are such jobs? will it be more buy side focused?
  5. QuantNet

    Review of Princeton Master in Finance program

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  6. V

    Review of Columbia University Financial Engineering program

    Hi I would like to know if work experience is required for this program at Columbia. If no, then what % of the students enrolled do not have prior work experience. Thanks
  7. QuantNet

    Review of Rutgers University Mathematical Finance program

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  8. maxszx

    NYU MSFE NYU Tandon School of Engineering - MS in Financial Engineering

    I got quite confused by the contrary review. I don't know which to believe at all... But to some extend, it is useful. At least, there is something I could count on, only need to do some more work.
  9. QuantNet

    Claremont Graduate University Financial Engineering Program

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  10. O

    Review of North Carolina State University Financial Mathematics

    very nice article! I really enjoyed reading the thoughts you've shared here.
  11. A

    Cornell FE Review of Cornell University Financial Engineering program

    In regards to the practicality of stochastic calculus and credit risk: There are students who are graduating from the program who will mostly be using the methods taught in those two specific courses. The purpose of the two courses is to give you an introduction in their world, the rest must be...
  12. QuantNet

    Review of Illinois Institute of Technology Mathematical Finance program

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  13. G

    Review of Rutgers Master of Quantitative Finance Program

    I'm currently a second year student in this program and would rate the quality of teaching lower. Out of the 16 classes i've taken only half were taught by exceptional professors. Having come from a top ranked undergrad school I feel I'm in a second rate program if only half of the classes are...
  14. QuantNet

    Review University of Cape Town Mathematics of Finance Program

    This review was submitted on 11 Sept 2010 by a student who studied full-time in the program from 1/2009 to 2/2010 Can you tell us a bit about your background? Undergrad and Honours degree in Actuarial Science, Finance and Statistics. Had done CFA Level 1 and most of the exams required for being...
  15. QuantNet

    Review of Birkbeck MFE program

    This review was submitted on 19 Apr 2010 at 7:14:14 AM by a student who studied full-time in the program from 10/2008-10/2009 Can you tell us a bit about your background? Economics undergraduate with accountancy and administration working experience. Did you get admitted to other programs? No...
  16. T

    Chicago MSFM Unofficial review of Chicago MSMF program

    Saw this on GD. Maybe QN can ask that guy to submit an official review here. That would provide more credibility to what he said
  17. QuantNet

    Review of George Washington University Master in Finance program

    This review was submitted on 3/3/2010 who studied full-time in the program from 09/2006 - 08/2008 Can you tell us a bit about your background? Before I started this program, I was working as an entrepreneur in the telecommunications industry. My academic background constituted of commerce and...
  18. A

    Review of UCLA Financial Engineering program

    I am a current student in the MFE class of 2010. We are almost 1/3 of the way through the curriculum. The experience has been amazing so far. 1) For my class, we had the option of taking the math/stats/probability prep class. The prep course was amazing. It was taught by a professor who has...
  19. QuantNet

    Review of Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF) program

    This review was submitted on 1/24/2010 by a student who studied in the certificate program from 1/2010-6/2010 Can you tell us a bit about your background? University Gold Medalist in Information Technology, Linux Kernel Developer, Was working as analyst in Lehman Brothers and knew the basics of...
  20. P

    UCB MFE Review of UC Berkeley MFE program

    I wonder how much to discount the review of someone who attends UCB and has no full time offers. They're placement is usually well above 90%?