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  1. P

    Quant MFE starting salary vs Undergrad salary in S&T at bulge bracket

    Hello, I am wondering about the difference in compensation between quants vs traders. Given that quite a bit of quants comes from MFE programs or above, while there are traders going in at the undergraduate level (ie: into fixed income / currency / commodity into investment banks), is there a...
  2. M

    Thoughts on Masters? MFE, Stats, Analytics

    I am in the process of applying to several graduate schools and wanted some thoughts on what people thought the best masters was for my situation / goals. Generally, I want to be quantitative in ability but do not expect to be HEAVY in programming or mathematical analysis from a career...
  3. B

    Would independent project help chances of admission?

    If one were to create a website that aims to explain and employ graduate level financial concepts and mathematical models to undergraduate level students, would this sort of project assist in admission? Are there any other types of projects or independent non academic work that would help in...
  4. B

    Does GRE/course of study compensate for a weak GPA?

    Does a strong GRE (170Q 165V) or the difficulty of courses (engineering/CS/math courses at a school like Georgia Tech) compensate for a moderate/weak GPA (between 3.6 and 3.7)? Any insight is appreciated, thanks y'all!
  5. U

    Should I pursue a MFE?

    Hi All, I am working as a Java developer at Portware (a High Frequency Trading platform), I got an inclination towards a career in Quantitative Finance cause of my current job. After talking to people I realised there are mixed opinions out there so wanted to clarify them before taking a...
  6. D

    From Finance to Quantitative Finance

    Hey! I will soon graduate with a degree in Finance and Investments and I would like to go to University of Glasgow to study MSc. Quantitative Finance. I do not necessarily want to be a quant trader or other things like that, but I have really enjoyed the numerical modules in my undergraduate...
  7. A

    URGENT: Need some advice regarding my profile

    Hi guys, First time poster here. I am an international candidate, and I am considering applying to a MFE/MFin program in the US. I wanted some advice about my profile before I apply. This is urgent because I am planning to apply for Fall 2016, and a couple of the programs that I am targeting...
  8. D

    COMPARE NYU Courant vs Columbia MFE

    Hi there, I have been admitted to NYU Courant Master in Mathematics in Finance and Columbia Master in Financial Engineering. I'm very happy but I really don't know which one to pick now. Columbia has a stronger brand and definitely a bigger alumni network. NYU's brand is weaker (but Courant is...
  9. B

    UCB MFE Typical questions during interview

    Hello, awesome community I would be very happy, if anyone with interviewing experience shared their knowledge. I have seen a lot of people claim they were asked "technical" questions. What kind of technical questions does one usually receive? If possible, please write in details, every single...
  10. Jeff Scroggs

    NCSU MFM NC State Financial Math, Fall 2016

    NC State's Masters of Financial Mathematics is accepting applications for the Fall 2016 start date. The deadline for full consideration is February 1. Applications completed after the full consideration deadline are considered as time permits. Academic Tracks were introduced this year. They...
  11. Q

    Applying to MFEs after a professional sabbatical

    Hey guys, I'm looking to apply to a couple of NY-based MFE programs (Baruch & Columbia). I have about 18 months work ex at a sell side electronic trading quant desk at a BB (straight out of an internationally known 'target school'), and am a CFA Level 3 candidate. I have had to take a...
  12. P

    MFE application

    Hi, I am applying for MFE program this year. I have good GRE scores (153+167) and 2.5 years of professional experience in Algo Trading development. But I have a very low CGPA. I have also cleared level1 CFA and writing FRM Level1 thjs month. Can anybody please suggest me if there are any...
  13. P

    Need help to choose quant programs

    Hi! Im Adithya from India. Below is my profile: GMAT - 700 TOEFL-113 B Tech in Biomedical Engineering - 3.2 GPA (VIT University). Two years of work exp in JAVA in Accenture. 4 Months of internship in a Financial Advisory. Certificate in C++/C programming. I am only applying to programs which...
  14. G

    Is MFE worth it if I am already working in the industry?

    Hi, Would an MFE degree be worth it for me? I come from a business major who currently works in a high frequency trading firm (2.5 years) on the software infrastructure side. I would like to work on the modeling/research side. Most people who take MFE's either lack work experience or want to...
  15. P

    Senior undergraduate need advice

    Hi, I am expecting this post will make upright fellows consider me as another ignorant undergraduate posting question asking about the life universe and everything else and I am more than happy to listen for all kinds of advice you would like to give, while some of them I might not understand...
  16. R

    What are my chances? (EPFL MFE, ETH/UZH QF)

    What are my chances of getting into either EPFL MFE or ETH/UZH QF? both of which are in Switzerland. Regarding my background: I'm about to graduate with a BA in Economics from the University of St. Gallen. My grades haven't been perfect, but I think I will get about a 5/6 average...
  17. Vanessa Quintero

    Undergraduate looking for advice

    Hello all! So this is my first post. I am a freshman in college and I chose to major in Electrical Engineering, however, I don't know if that is what I would really like to be. I was talking to a fellow friend who is also a Professor that traveled and has experienced a great deal. He had...
  18. N

    Cambridge MFin vs any MFE program?

    I'm looking forward to continuing my studies in the field of quantitative finance abroad. I am fond of using mathematical tools in anything, in fact i like mathematics like crazy. I also know programming (C++ and MatLab included) and have a strong background in Linear Algebra, Optimization...
  19. Brodie

    UCB MFE UC Berkeley MFE Q&A (ask current students)

    Dear Quantnet community: My name is Brodie and I'm a current MFE student at UC Berkeley. Joining me in this thread are my fellow colleagues Yifang, Zhiping and Olivier to answer all questions relating to the UCB MFE. Given that we arrived from a variety of different academic, geographic and...