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  1. H


    I have been admitted to MIT (12 month) and Berkeley. So far I haven't made a decision. In terms of experience -- I am fresh out of undergrad without full-time experience (I have a BB internship experience in non-quant S&T/Research). Undergrad majors were in Business and Engineering (think...
  2. J

    COMPARE MIT MFin and UChicago MSMF

    Hi everyone, I just received an admission letter from UChi. I heard that the UChi program has a BAD reputation in its quality (mostly heard from its students) before the new director came, is there any improvement on the quality and settings of its curriculum, and on the career service? And...
  3. S

    MIT & Columbia

    I was accepted into the MFin program at MIT & Columbia's Masters in Statistics. If I do the Statistics program, I can complete it part time while working full time at my current position (in the consulting field). Also, my job will cover a portion of the tuition for any part time program. But...
  4. F

    COMPARE MFE Program Comparison (Statistics) - CMU, UCB, MIT

    The reason of doing this comparison (hopefully) is to help MFE candidates like me to be a bit more informative about their MFE program decisions. These three schools are chosen simply because their information is relatively more public and easier to compare. Definitely, the metrics I have...
  5. inlondon

    MIT MFin MIT MFin Class of 2016 Applications

    By when should I expect to get a reply regarding the application for the MIT MFin program? The deadline for the application was January 5 2015.
  6. Zerocool

    MIT MFin MIT MFin waitlist exists or not

    Dear All, One week before the official decisions (and phone calls) from MIT's AdCom. I was wandering if anyone knows if a wait-list exists for this program instead of just a YES or NO. 1) Anyone here has any experience/knowledge if such a list exists? 2) I assume if MIT does not call on March...
  7. seanchen

    MIT MFin Interviews for MIT MFin Fall 2014 Entrance

    Anyone else got the interview invitation yet? And any advice from previous applicants? I opted in for the lunch with MFin students before lunch, hope it's a good idea.
  8. Diane Jordan

    MIT Master of Finance MFin program

    For discerning students looking for a rewarding career in finance, the MIT Sloan Master of Finance Program carries with it a legendary reputation, world renowned faculty and innovative, hands-on learning experiences in a top-ranked, early-stage finance degree. An MFin degree is a smart...
  9. Quixef

    MIT MFin 2013 MIT MFin Interview Invites (For the class Entering Summer 2013)

    This thread is intended as a place where you can post your interview invites for MIT Master of Finance program, so other people may know when to get their auto-refresh addons for their web-browsers online and when to give in to the crushing despair. Please post your round and the date and hour...
  10. Andy Nguyen

    MIT MFin MIT MFin new website

    Just saw that they redid their program's website and put a lot more information on it. I also see that a lot of students profiled on the website are members on Quantnet ;)
  11. charlesc

    MIT MFin MIT MFin Interview

    Hi guys, I am going to have an interview with MIT next week. I am not sure whether the emphasis will be on technical, behaviorial or leadership/interpersonal aspects. I would appreciate any shared experiences or advice! I would report back once I am done with the interview.
  12. Andy Nguyen

    MIT MFin 2011 MIT MFin Placement Report

    You get it as soon as we get it.
  13. Andy Nguyen

    MIT MFin Oversubscribed, MIT MFin offers admitted students $8K to defer

    MIT today sent out an email to its incoming class that they planned to have a class of 70 this year but are expecting a class of 80 due to over-subscription. To avoid this problem, MIT is offering $8K to the first 10 students who want to defer their admission until next year. The program's size...
  14. P

    MIT MFin MIT Master of Finance Employment Statistics?

    Does anyone who has attended an information session for MIT's master of finance program, or one of those online chats, found any information on employment statistics for the class graduated in June 2010? I believe a lot of people are curious about this as well. With a tuition rate much higher...
  15. C

    MIT MFin Why so many people apply MIT MS Finance this year?

    Hi everyone, I heard that MIT master of finance has received more than 900 applications. Last year, they only receive 175+ applications. As you know, it is a new, expensive program without any internship. Even NYU, Princeton, Berkeley cannot have so many appliants. Can someone explain why? Is...