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    Hello, I have been admitted to NYU Courant MSMF program and I am currently waiting to hear back from CMU (got interviewed a few days ago). I'm trying to understand whether I am making the right decision going with NYU (that's what I think right now), and hopefully someone has more information...
  2. P

    COMPARE UC Berkeley MFE vs NYU maths in finance

    Hello everyone, so I have an offer from Berkeley for financial engineering and an offer from NYU for mathematics in finance, also waiting to hear back for Columbia MFE. I'm having a tough time deciding between Berkeley and NYU so would like to see what other people think. Here's how I see it...
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    COMPARE NYU Courant vs Columbia MFE

    Hi there, I have been admitted to NYU Courant Master in Mathematics in Finance and Columbia Master in Financial Engineering. I'm very happy but I really don't know which one to pick now. Columbia has a stronger brand and definitely a bigger alumni network. NYU's brand is weaker (but Courant is...
  4. Catiger

    NYU MSMF I wonder if the video for NYU is necessary?

    I know that it is described as optional on the website. I wonder if I don't upload it, what is the impact to the chance that I will be enrolled? Thanks!
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    NYU MSMF advice of NYU MSMF course selection

    A little background of me, I have been working in finance IT for about 4 years, 3 years in mortgage backed security group and 1 year in interest rate derivative group for analytic software development. I learned certain finance knowledge during work (necessary background to do the job but not...
  6. NYU Courant

    NYU Courant - Mathematics in Finance Master's Program

    The Master of Science Program in Mathematics in Finance is a professional master’s program at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University. Quick Glance: Available programs of study: Full Time Masters in Mathematics in Finance (we accept applications for the fall term)...
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    NYU Courant - Mathematics in Finance Master's Program

    "....A few students got highly demanding quant positions." Can someone put more light into this? what makes the quant job more demanding? what are such jobs? will it be more buy side focused?