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  1. I

    NYU MSFE Length of NYU Poly MFE

    Hi everyone, Can anybody tell me the length of the NYU Poly MFE program? On their website, it says 33 credits, but how many semesters/years will it take? Thanks
  2. L

    NYU MSFE NYU-Poly MFE statistics

    Hello fellow Quantnet members, Since I will be joining NYU-Poly MFE for coming Fall, I did some research on program, and it seems like Quantnet is not big fan of this program. Anyways, I made a little Excel graph about enrollment size and graduated number of student using publicly available...
  3. maxszx

    NYU MSFE NYU Tandon School of Engineering - MS in Financial Engineering

    I got quite confused by the contrary review. I don't know which to believe at all... But to some extend, it is useful. At least, there is something I could count on, only need to do some more work.
  4. Andy Nguyen

    A Day in the Life of a NYU-Poly MFE student

    This is a series of short submissions by students in various MFE programs who share what their day is like. Each day is written by a different student. 8:30am – Ring...Snooze...Ring…Snooze…Ring…Alright, alright am up! 8:30-10:00am – Check mail, messages and get ready for the day ahead...