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  1. Andy Nguyen

    NYU MSFE MS' Peter Carr, Noted Derivatives Expert, to Chair NYU Tandon Finance and Risk Engineering

    Lays Out Plans to Attract Additional Stellar Practitioners to One of the Oldest and Largest Financial Engineering Educational Programs BROOKLYN, New York – One of Morgan Stanley’s top quants is returning to his academic roots full time, as chair of one of the world’s oldest and largest...
  2. Andy Nguyen

    Peter Carr Selected as 2010 IAFE Financial Engineering of the Year

    In a 2008 interview with Quantnet, Carr contributed “collaboration with some of the best minds in the business” to his successful career. When asked what he believes are the essentials of a successful financial engineer, Carr replied, “I think its being able to assimilate some deep ideas into...
  3. QuantNet

    Peter Carr left Bloomberg to join Morgan Stanley

    After seven years as the head of quantitative financial research at Bloomberg in New York, Dr. Peter Carr will start at Morgan Stanley on April 5 as Global head of Market Modeling, replacing current head Joe Langsam, who is retiring. Carr will be a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, reporting...
  4. Andy Nguyen

    Quiz by Peter Carr: Are You a Trader or a Quant?

    Note: Received via email today. Thanks to Dr. Peter Carr who gave us first-to-publish permission on QuantNet Quiz: Are You a Trader or a Quant? Traders and quants both know that an option's premium and its gamma are intimately related. This quiz will help you learn whether you are a trader or...
  5. E

    Peter Carr

    I was just reading his bio, specifically his education background: PhD. Finance, University of California, Los Angeles, Sep 1989 M.B.A. Accounting/Finance, University of Toronto, Jun 1983 BCom., Accounting/Economics, University of Toronto, Jun 1981 It doesn't seem like a traditional...
  6. Andy Nguyen

    Interview with Peter Carr

    Dr. Peter Carr works at Bloomberg L.P as the head of Quantitative Research and in 2003 was selected as Risk Magazine's prestigious Quant of the Year. He also directs the Masters in Mathematical Finance program at NYU's Courant Institute. QuantNetwork sits down with him on the eve of '08...