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  1. A

    How should I choose where to get my PhD in Math to be a quantitative analyst later?

    I get offers from a few Math phd programs in the US and would like to study probability/stochastic calculus and become a quant later. One is a University of Washington on the West Coast (close to California) with lots of people working on probability. One is a Boston University on the East Coast...
  2. Jace Pack

    Phd from Mid range school vs Masters from Ivy

    Hey thanks for reading. I am an undergraduate math/stat student with some time to ponder graduate school applications. My question: As far as job prospects go how does a phd in statistics from say 20-40 ranked (usnews) program compare to a masters in statistics or FE from a top 10 program such...
  3. Robert C.

    Current PhD. Student Considering the Switch to Quant.

    Hi all, This is my first post here ~ I am hoping that there are experienced quant's or recruiters on this board who could help provide me with some career guidance. I am strongly considering changing career course towards something more lucrative. Let me begin with a quick bio: I...
  4. ShowMeTheLight

    Career switch for PhD: skills question

    I have a PhD in engineering/applied physics from a top (e.g. MIT/Stanford/Caltech) university. I'm currently a researcher at a national lab. Recruiters and employers seem very interested in me given my skills and background. However, it seems that many of them are looking for people with PhDs...
  5. T

    PhD in Stats vs Applied Maths vs Pure Math

    sorry for the short body, but my laptop is on the fritz and i have to use the on-screen keyboard to type. so basically my question is which would be most beneficial to acquire to enter the field? I am at a crux between my desire to do the modelling, but i also want to be able to use the models...
  6. A

    Advise for quant career:bachelor's in physics, math, PhD, online courses?

    Dear All, I am looking for a piece of advise and I was hoping to find it here. I am doing my master's in finance right now, although I am unsatisfied with my studies and would like to do something more challenging in life studywise and professionally. This forum was very helpful for me to...
  7. Peter Wagner

    The Value of a PhD and MFE Degree

    Since writing for this blog in January about the HFT/algo job market, I’ve received many inquiries from students asking about the “requirements” for quant jobs on Wall Street. “Do I need a PhD?” is a frequent question. Each time I receive one of these inquiries, I struggle with the answer. My...
  8. A

    Which university/country to apply for phd in physics.

    Hey everyone, So here's my situation. I'm currently a masters student in Physics, in Malaysia (South East Asia). I am very interested in computing and numerical methods, and I would ultimately hope to take a PhD in Physics, and be a researcher in theoretical physics. Then I've heard about...
  9. A

    The Phd Dilemma

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the Forum and I am facing a dilemma : Next year I am starting the French MFE program Laure Elie, and at the end of the year I will have to choose whether or not to pursue my studies ( to get a Phd) or to work ( quant or trader ). I am and have always been...
  10. John Marks


    Im 24, just finished my Licentiate in Computer Science and my Licentiate in Math at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Should I go for a Phd? I just wan't a job that makes me rich :)
  11. K

    COMPARE Seriously, PhD or MFE in Singapore?

    I know this comparison is wired.... Sorry Seeking for advices, Choice: SMU PhD Econ vs. NTU MFE Background: MSc Finance in UK Top 5 university/college, no working experience. Goal: Middle or Back office in IB in Singapore. I like financial econometrics so I applied SMU's PhD programme but I...
  12. Umnik

    COMPARE MFE/Mfin vs Phd in Finmath

    Choosing between offers from PhD in FinMath from BU and from European two Master Programs. What would you advise? What are the pro's and con's of choosing PhD over Msc? Do people get Msc degree if they leave PhD after two years?
  13. B

    MFE after Phd?

    Im currently doing a Phd in financial mathematics, and have considered doing a MFE afterwards. I have some questions 1. would the MFE be a bit of an overkill as Im doing my Phd in financial mathematics? 2. I'll be 34 when I finch my Phd, would the extra year or year and half for the MFE start...
  14. WillSD

    MFE v PhD? /direction

    Hi all, just joined the forum. I did search the forum and did not find an answer, though I am sure it has been answered, so please forgive the redundancy. I am completing a Masters of Science in Applied Mathematics. I have considerable experience with MatLab and am beginning to learn C++. I...
  15. S

    PhD physics / math vs. MFE

    I have a question about the required education to become a quant nowadays (post-2008 financial crisis). I am seeing a lot of differing opinions on this, and contradictory information from job search websites. I would like to become a quant, and I believe this would be the best application of...
  16. L

    PhD vs MFE?

    I am currently in the middle of my Ph.D. in statistics in a 30-ranking university. Chance of getting an interview is slim here so i am thinking about MFE. Is it better to apply now or after getting the Ph.D.? Does Ph.D. really matter for quant? And also are there a lot of applicants who have...
  17. W

    PhD or MFE

    I am new to the forum here but this seems like a pretty good place for information. I have tried the search function but wasn't having too much luck with it so I figured I would just ask my question (which I am sure has been posed before). Is there that much of a difference between having a PhD...
  18. G

    PhD vs MFE for quant jobs

    hi all i joined this community just yesterday and have learn a lot in just one day. must say this comm is quite informative. let me introduce myself first. i am ashwani. i have done my masters in physics from IIT-Delhi, India and currently pursuing PhD from NTU singapore. my field of research...
  19. T

    Another PhD vs MFE thread

    Hi guys, I'm new here and I want to hit you with a question that's been mulled over many times before. However, given my specific case and the current economic climate, it would be interesting to hear 'up-to-date' views on the matter. I'm finishing my MEng in Electrical engineering this year...