quant finance

  1. H

    HF Looking for Quant Research Analyst

    Hi all, I work at an executive search firm recruiting investment professionals for top-tier hedge funds. I just launched a new search looking for a quantitative research analyst. Below is the spec/qualifications: if you think you could be a good fit for this role, please email me your resume to...
  2. A

    Bachelor project in quantitive finance

    Hi everyone. I’m about to write a bachelor project which is 15 european ECTS point (half of a semester’s workload). I’m at the very beginning of the project and haven’t chosen a topic yet. I will like the project to be about quantitative/mathematical finance. I really want to work with some...
  3. The Spartan Guy

    Mathematics vs. Programming! Can I choose one over the other

    I am graduating with Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, in Singapore, want a quant job. Somewhat ironically, even though my degree is in computer engineering, I am more interested in the economics and core mathematics side of the job rather than the coding side. (But I have decent coding skill in...
  4. Jack Knowd

    Quant Insights Conference - London, 30th October.

    Quant Insights is the CQF Institute's first joint conference with partners Wilmott and Wiley. Held in London’s modern financial center, the conference will showcase the latest trends in XVA, technology and modeling techniques. Attend Live (£295) or watch Online (£195) //// Buy your Early Bird...