quant interview

  1. Andy Nguyen

    QuantNet Best-selling Quant Books of 2013

    QuantNet has been compiling the annual list of best-selling quant books our members purchase every year since 2010 (see the best-selling list of 2010, 2011,2012). The following list is 20 best-selling quant books of 2013, compiled from aggregate, anonymously collected data and provided by Amazon...
  2. Andy Nguyen

    From a Goldman Sachs Quant interview

    You have 10 mice and 1000 bottles of wine. You also have 24 hours before a party, and one of the bottles has been tainted with a slow acting poison, which takes 24 hours to kill a mouse. In the 24 hours you have remaining, how many bottles can you guarantee safe for human consumption (assume...
  3. Todd Fahey

    Q/A with Todd Fahey (Quant Headhunter)

    Hi. I wanted to introduce myself and let the community know that I am here as a potential resource. I have been a quant recruiter for the last 10 years and have learned a lot of the in's and out's of the financial career field. Feel free to ask away for advice, thoughts, questions and/or...