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  1. H

    HF Looking for Quant Research Analyst

    Hi all, I work at an executive search firm recruiting investment professionals for top-tier hedge funds. I just launched a new search looking for a quantitative research analyst. Below is the spec/qualifications: if you think you could be a good fit for this role, please email me your resume to...
  2. wuzhemin

    Model Validation Roles in TKO and HK

    Hi All, We are the model risk team in a top tier IB. Our team is responsible to manage model risk and cover a wide range of quant models used in the firm through its range of business, from derivatives pricing models to models used for risk management and capital computations. We are now...
  3. Andy Nguyen

    What does it take to get hired by Goldman’s hot ‘strats’ group?

    If you’re someone with a mathematical bent, for whom ‘challenging’ maths questions are elementary and differential equations are fun, there is – allegedly – one place where you’ll feel especially fulfilled in banking: Goldman Sachs’ ‘strats’ Group. All banks have mathematical wizards, but the...
  4. doug reich

    Finding Quant Job in Boston, a New Yorker Story

    If New York Is the Capital of Finance, there are lots of provincial towns... A very quick bit of background. I entered the Baruch MFE in Fall 2008 as a full-time student, while continuing to do work for my previous employer. When my summer internship search was unfruitful, I negotiated some...
  5. Andy Nguyen

    Quant Internship and Graduate recruitment - A Firms List

    The following is a non-exhaustive list of investment banks, quant funds, and financial firms that offer internship and graduate/entry-level opportunities for students in Financial Engineering (MFE) programs. We will extend the list over time as we receive comments and feedback from our members...