quantitative finance

  1. U

    COMPARE Fordham MQF or Cass MQF ?

    Hi, my Gpa 3.3 Gre Q: 164 I recently got admitted to both Cass Master in Quant. Finance and Fordham MQF. Could you gently advise me about which of the two you'd prefer and why ? (Without Considering Locations, i am indifferent between London and NYC) - also, can you suggest me some other...
  2. H

    Using R for my stat.arb strategy .

    Hi all , I am kinda new here . To introduce myself, I'm HedgeFudge from India . I've been trading for over 1.5 years in the Indian markets and currently working at a boutique IB . Cleared my CFA L1 last dec , will be appearing for my L2 next year . Anyways , ill stop beating around the bush...
  3. Farshad

    Becoming a quant trader

    Hi everyone, i'm EMBA in strategic management who is going to switch to quant trading. my BSs background is in Industrial Eng and I have knowledge about OR and statistics and trading/financial markets in general. when I started to search about quant trading books I faced a lot of books about the...
  4. A

    Advise for quant career:bachelor's in physics, math, PhD, online courses?

    Dear All, I am looking for a piece of advise and I was hoping to find it here. I am doing my master's in finance right now, although I am unsatisfied with my studies and would like to do something more challenging in life studywise and professionally. This forum was very helpful for me to...
  5. Andy Nguyen

    The Financial Engineering Degree and 5 recommendations for improving quantitative finance programs

    Teri Geske is a lecturer and Executive in Residence at the UCLA Anderson MFE Program. She share with QuantNet a few years ago about "Top 10 Things Practitioners Really Want from Financial Engineers". She recently wrote an article on GARP to reflect on what she has observed about the financial...