1. D

    From Finance to Quantitative Finance

    Hey! I will soon graduate with a degree in Finance and Investments and I would like to go to University of Glasgow to study MSc. Quantitative Finance. I do not necessarily want to be a quant trader or other things like that, but I have really enjoyed the numerical modules in my undergraduate...
  2. S

    Mortgage Risk Quantitative Analyst Interview

    Hello, I have a panel interview in 3 days for Mortgage Risk Quantitative Analyst. Any advice would be appreciated on what kind of questions should i expect, and what topics should i prepare for it? Kindly advise. Thanks & Regards.
  3. Gnasher

    Recruitment Questions

    In 1990, The Corporations revenue in The Sector was 4.6 million USD. In 2000, The Corporation's revenue in The Sector was 7.2 million USD. Given that the revenue for The Sector as a whole decreased by 15% between 1990 and 2000, by what percentage has The Corporation's share of The Sector grown...