risk management

  1. Ari

    Biggest growth areas in Risk?

    Hello world! I'm wondering where the biggest areas of "growth" are in the field of risk management? By growth, I don't necessarily mean sectors where the most employment opportunities are, but I'm more so curious about the outstanding problems in risk management (or at least the more popular...
  2. wuzhemin

    Model Validation Roles in TKO and HK

    Hi All, We are the model risk team in a top tier IB. Our team is responsible to manage model risk and cover a wide range of quant models used in the firm through its range of business, from derivatives pricing models to models used for risk management and capital computations. We are now...
  3. pinkninja

    From Regulatory Modeling to Capital Market?

    How difficult it is to transfer from Quant Regulatory Modeling to Capital Market Modeling? My background: I have a bachelor's degree in finance and a MFE (not top-tier programs such as CMU or Berkeley). I don't have an excellent GPA; still above average (I had a hard time in MFE given my...
  4. HorB

    Pricing Swaption with BDT model

    Hello everyone, i'm trying to complete the first part of the on-line course on RiskManagement (Coursera Platform) offered by the Columbia University. My doubt regards the pricing of the swaption using binomial tree with BDT model calibration. I attach the file with my calculus; has everyone...
  5. S

    Analytics for Trading desk of BB vs Market Risk in Asset Management

    I have offers for a data science and analytics role on the trading desk of a BB in New York and another for quantitative risk management within a $250B asset management firm and need your opinions. To provide more context: a) The analytics role resides directly in the trading business and I...
  6. Ken Abbott

    Collection of important documents for risk management

    Below is a collection of important documents, required reading for students and professionals in the field of risk management. The list is divided into subjects and will be updated. Overview
  7. QuantNet

    A Day in the Life of a Market Risk Analyst

    In this article, one of QuantNet members describes a typical day as a market risk analyst in a big financial institution. The author holds an MFE degree. 6:45 am – Alarm clock goes off. The good side is that it’s a Friday and I have a weekend to rest. So I quickly get up, take a quick...
  8. QuantNet

    Understanding the Difference Between Risk Taking, Risk Management and Risk Control

    By TIM GRANT “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” National Rifle Association Slogan “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, and monkeys do too (if they have a gun).” Eddie Izzard Since the full magnitude of the recent financial crisis has become clear, a great deal...
  9. Andy Nguyen

    A Day in the Life of a Managing Director Market Risk

    In this article, one of Quantnet’s Wall Street Senior Executives describes a typical day in his life as a Managing Director in Market Risk at a bulge bracket investment bank. 06:05 - Wake up, shower, dress 06:10 - Briefly question career choice, think about sleeping in and applying for job...
  10. Aaron Brown

    Risk versus Portfolio Management

    Unlike most fields, modern financial risk management can be traced back to a specific time and place, and a relatively small group of people. Some quants in New York City, between 1987 and 1993, codified knowledge from a variety of fields, thrashed out disagreements and created the basic...
  11. John

    A day in the life of a risk manager (Part I)

    Chapter 1: A day in the life of a risk manager. A great read on what a risk manager in an investment bank does from hour to hour... FOr those of you interested in reading the entire book, there's a copy at NY Science, Industry & Business Library (The same bldg as the CUNY Graduate Center. The...