1. Ari

    Biggest growth areas in Risk?

    Hello world! I'm wondering where the biggest areas of "growth" are in the field of risk management? By growth, I don't necessarily mean sectors where the most employment opportunities are, but I'm more so curious about the outstanding problems in risk management (or at least the more popular...
  2. S

    Mortgage Risk Quantitative Analyst Interview

    Hello, I have a panel interview in 3 days for Mortgage Risk Quantitative Analyst. Any advice would be appreciated on what kind of questions should i expect, and what topics should i prepare for it? Kindly advise. Thanks & Regards.
  3. mame_is_me

    Any good books for risk quant?

    Hey there, I'm looking for some books on market risk or counterparty risk for risk quant. Does anyone have some suggestions? Thanks very much!
  4. mame_is_me

    Any suggestions for a Junior Risk Quant?

    I've an opportunity to work as a Risk Quant Analyst in a team, which is responsible for market and counterparty credit risk modeling and measurement. There are two months before I start working and I want to make a good impression from the start. So I am wondering: 1) Is there any useful books...
  5. A

    What do QRVG actually do?

    I know it stands for quantitative risk and valuation group, but I'm not sure on what sorts of things they actually do. Would this department cover the whole range of quant areas such as derivative pricing, buy side, sell side etc. Any insight would be very helpful. Thanks