rutgers fsrm

  1. M

    Rutgers University Financial Statistics and Risk Management program

    The MS in Financial Statistics and Risk Management (FSRM) at Rutgers University is a highly competitive STEM-designated program that attracts top students from around the United States and the world. Students typically have a highly quantitative background in mathematics, statistics, finance...
  2. Diego Ocampo

    COMPARE New Rutgers Financial Statistics and Risk Management Program, could it be compare with any top MFE

    Hi, Im appling to NYU-Poly, Columbia MAFN and NYU Courant, However, I just found that Rutgers is offering a new program FSRM, and Im kind of like their curriculum, and small classes. Does anyone heard about it? what do you think about their curriculum?
  3. L

    Advice Needed: Thinking about changing to another program (Rutgers)

    considering transferring from a nationally ranked program, rutgers msmf, to one that is not... I don't think I will be able to do well in the nationally ranked program and my career goals are more inline with the one that I am considering of transferring to. At rutgers I was told to consider...
  4. Andy Nguyen

    Rutgers to Launch Third Quant Master Program

    When Marc Fields, sales executive at a financial services firm, got accepted into one of the two master programs in quantitative finance at Rutgers University earlier this year, he was still unsure of the differences between them: "After being accepted (into the MQF program) I discovered the...