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  1. P

    Quant MFE starting salary vs Undergrad salary in S&T at bulge bracket

    Hello, I am wondering about the difference in compensation between quants vs traders. Given that quite a bit of quants comes from MFE programs or above, while there are traders going in at the undergraduate level (ie: into fixed income / currency / commodity into investment banks), is there a...
  2. vakak

    Salary range entry quant Budapest.

    Developer & modelling. Fresh out of Phd school, no previous industry experience. What should I expect them to expect me to offer? Hard time finding hard info on glassdoor ect.... Thanks!
  3. Connor Whelan

    How much money can a quant ACTUALLY make?

    I'm interested in finding out how much a quant can actually make nowadays. Obviously you can throw out names like David Shaw and Ken Griffin who made billions from their hedgefunds, but they got started awhile ago when quant finance was still up and coming. Are the talented quants nowadays just...