1. Zeuge

    SQL knowledge

    How do you demonstrate you have knowledge of SQL if you have only done independent study? What kinds of projects might be looked on favorably/resume worthy?
  2. Ken Abbott

    Learn SQL

    I keep seeing people asking what courses they need to get jobs in finance. It's not about courses. It's about skills. Want to get the attention of an interviewer? Tell him or her that you're a SQL expert. My department takes in billions of records per week. The analytics are the dessert...
  3. roni

    Databases and SQL- where to start?

    Hello, I'm a complete novice with everything related to databases, so if some of the things I say sound stupid, I apologize. All right, I think I would like to get a grip on databases areas that might be helpful in several positions in quant finance. Which major topics would you recommend me to...
  4. T

    SQL book

    Could anyone advice me the best book to learn SQL COMPLITELY? I have searched many of them and when consulted with programmers, Ive been told that they lack some information deemed important. Ill take your advice into account Im a C# user(at the moment) Thanks a lot
  5. F

    Which SQL is widely used in finance?

    MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle,...... ?
  6. Wallstyouth

    SQL is really boring do we need it?

    How do you guys feel aboue SQL in general is it something we in this industry really need to know? I find SQL so boring and mundane other than basic joins I dont really have the drive to learn much more about it. Am I shooting myself in the foot for not taking SQL more seriously?
  7. Yan He

    Simple SQL question from newbie

    I am working on setting up a database on Access, since it will involve daily process, I am writing some simple VBA code to do it. I encountered some question when I working on it. 1. When I tried to run the simple code below, I always get an error message "A RunSQL action requires an argument...