1. M

    So I am 2 months away from getting my MFE. Now what?

    **WARNING long post** I would like to thank everyone on this forum for all the advice they have given me. A few years ago I decided to apply to MFE programs and the help I got here was immensely helpful. There is no way I would have gotten into my choice of school had it not been for the help I...
  2. F

    GS Strats Experience

    Did anyone work as an SA in GS Strats? Looking for someone to talk to about the opportunity and to learn about their experiences.
  3. SeanLee

    Preparation for GS Strats London interview

    Hey guys. I hope I can get some suggestions for my interview preparation. My background is machine learning/CS. I am in my second year of master. I have no finance background. Now I got a final interview invitation from GS Strats division at London. I am applying the new analyst program. The...
  4. F

    Question regarding Trading Strategies optional course at Imperial College MSc Risk Man & Fin Eng

    The paragraph provided below is the description available about the course, does anyone know any details of how the course is taught or the books used or the topics covered etc? Any help is appreciated, thanks! " Trading Strategies course In the spring or summer term, we offer an optional...
  5. Andy Nguyen

    What does it take to get hired by Goldman’s hot ‘strats’ group?

    If you’re someone with a mathematical bent, for whom ‘challenging’ maths questions are elementary and differential equations are fun, there is – allegedly – one place where you’ll feel especially fulfilled in banking: Goldman Sachs’ ‘strats’ Group. All banks have mathematical wizards, but the...