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    UCB MFE Round 1 for Spring 2019

    Hi, Has anyone got the second interview or any offer?
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    I have been admitted to MIT (12 month) and Berkeley. So far I haven't made a decision. In terms of experience -- I am fresh out of undergrad without full-time experience (I have a BB internship experience in non-quant S&T/Research). Undergrad majors were in Business and Engineering (think...
  3. R

    UCB MFE Berkeley MFE... good choice right out of undergrad?

    Hi, I got accepted into UCB MFE which I am very happy about, but have a few qualms about it. In particular: Most students have a LOT of experience which makes me think this is why the placement is so top notch because its easier to place someone who has already worked on a trading floor to...
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    Programs always tout the average and median salaries/jobs the first year out of school, but what about five years down the line? Does anyone know what the "average" MFE is doing and making after five years?
  5. F

    COMPARE MFE Program Comparison (Statistics) - CMU, UCB, MIT

    The reason of doing this comparison (hopefully) is to help MFE candidates like me to be a bit more informative about their MFE program decisions. These three schools are chosen simply because their information is relatively more public and easier to compare. Definitely, the metrics I have...
  6. Berkeley MFE Admissions

    UCB MFE Join an upcoming Berkeley MFE Info Session

    The Berkeley MFE program invites you to join an online or onsite information session to learn how we can help you launch your career. During our sessions, you can ask questions, hear from our current students, and have your resume reviewed on the spot by executive director and assistant dean...
  7. Berkeley MFE Admissions

    UCB MFE Berkeley MFE - Accepting Applications for March 2017

    Hello all, The Berkeley MFE program is currently accepting applications for the program beginning in March 2017. Our first round deadline is just around the corner, on January 13 at 11:59 PM Pacific time. If you want to learn more about how to optimize your application, join admissions...
  8. Brodie

    UCB MFE UC Berkeley MFE Q&A (ask current students)

    Dear Quantnet community: My name is Brodie and I'm a current MFE student at UC Berkeley. Joining me in this thread are my fellow colleagues Yifang, Zhiping and Olivier to answer all questions relating to the UCB MFE. Given that we arrived from a variety of different academic, geographic and...
  9. Livi

    UCB MFE 2015 UCB MFE 4th round

    Hey, has anyone received an invitation for interview from UCB MFE? I have applied in october 15th and I haven't received yet.
  10. O

    UCB MFE UCB MFE 2015 Intake Round 3 Application

    Hey guys, any updates on round 3 decisions? I was interviewed a month back and had also requested for an early decision. Have not heard back from them yet, hence guessing that it might not be a favourable reply for me.
  11. QuantOutcry

    UCB MFE Any information about the UCB MFE 1st round interview?

    Hi all, I just got an interview from Berkeley. There will be two MFE current students (one with a Econ phd from Chicago). Can any one give me some ideas what will the interview be like? Is it pure technical, or mixed? How long will it be? What do you think would be a good preparation for it?
  12. P

    UCB MFE UCB MFE Admit Conditions

    I have been accepted into the UC Berkeley MFE program yesterday, on 2/27, for the Spring 2015 term. However, I was assigned several conditions that I must meet such as: -Raise GRE score -Pass CFA Level 1 exam -Pass preprogram courses I was wondering if these or other conditions are usually...
  13. moretodo

    UCB MFE UCB MFE full time placements 2014

    Does anyone know how are the full time placements at UCB MFE this year ? They had a tough time placing all their candidates last year. Are the offers better and more lucrative this year ?
  14. Berkeley MFE Admissions

    UC Berkeley Master of Financial Engineering Program

    Your entire Berkeley MFE experience is designed to give you the knowledge, experience, and connections you'll need to immediately launch a successful career in finance. The Berkeley MFE Program at the Haas School of Business provides a depth of study in finance that reaches beyond basic...
  15. L

    UCB MFE Is choosing UCB MFE a good choice?

    I am considering UCB MFE as one of my choices, the reason being it starts in March. It will end much earlier than the rest.. Would any one recommend that university? Would like to hear some opinion on abt it... Thanks...
  16. A

    UCB MFE UCB Interview Feedback - Bad experience.

    I had my interview on 16th July 2012 and got a rejected. My interview was started off with a couple of probability questions, and then was asked if i knew anything about programing. This was followed by a logical reasoning question. I was not happy about the interview process because - 1)...
  17. K

    UCB MFE Berkeley 2013-14 Round 1 application

    Hello, Has anybody received any intimation/interview calls from UC Berk. for the round 1 of 2013-14 ?
  18. S

    UCB MFE UCB Pre-Program Review

    Has anyone gone through UCB's 3 pre-program courses in past years? If so, could you please write a little bit about how the courses went? Thanks.
  19. S

    UCB MFE UCB MFE Round 4 for 2012-2013

    Has anybody who has applied for UCB MFE during round 4 (i.e., I believe the application deadline was September 1, 2011) for the 2012-2013 school year received any acceptance letters? If so, did you have a phone interview during the past couple of months? I have been told that the last letters...
  20. S

    UCB MFE Berkeley MFE application status

    Anyone recieved any updates for Berkeley MFE ?. Last year my friend had been accepted till now.