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    UCB MFE Berkeley MFE Interview

    I received an interview invitation last week. They asked me to call an alumnus tomorrow. Did those who applied for 1st round also get the invitation? I heard it might be a technical interview but do you guys know what type of questions I shall expect? Thank you very much!
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    UCB MFE UCB MFE numbers for 2010 - Fake and Unethical?

    Just saw this post over on GD forum, supposedly from a current student of UCB MFE program. Any UCB MFE people can verify, dispute? Berkeley Numbers for 2010 - Fake and Unethical?
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    UCB MFE Review of UC Berkeley MFE program

    I wonder how much to discount the review of someone who attends UCB and has no full time offers. They're placement is usually well above 90%?