1. J

    20 year old undergrad in need of career path advice

    Hello QuantNet, Disclaimer: Correct me about any incorrect information because I am just an undergrad novice student that found all this information online. Who I am: I'm a 20 year old undergrad junior graduating in may of 2017 with a bachelor's of science in mathematical finance with relevant...
  2. AutumnWater

    Leftover Undergrad subject choices in pure maths after all relevant applied/stats are done

    So I realised I should focus on applied and stats units as I read through other posts in this forum. To save words, after I've filled my degree with all the appropriate applied and stats units, plus real analysis to help with measure theory and probability. What other pure maths subjects should...
  3. M

    Specific Undergraduate Major Advice

    I am a high-school senior in the midst of college applications. In my applications, many of the universities/colleges are asking me to apply to a specific school inside the college. However, I am unsure of which major will most directly get me to a masters in financial mathematics or a career as...
  4. K

    I'm not a math genius. Do I have a shot?

    Some background: current junior undergraduate at a top 50 school (not ivy league), econ major, high 3s GPA. Tl;dr at bottom if you don't want to read all this. I've recently become interested in quant finance as a career but I'm not confident in my prospects for mastering the mathematics. I've...