1. J

    20 year old undergrad in need of career path advice

    Hello QuantNet, Disclaimer: Correct me about any incorrect information because I am just an undergrad novice student that found all this information online. Who I am: I'm a 20 year old undergrad junior graduating in may of 2017 with a bachelor's of science in mathematical finance with relevant...
  2. Kevin Ramlal

    Profile Judgement

    Hey Everyone, I noticed every once in a while you folks provide feedback for hopeful MFE admittees, and I've been pretty worried lately about my overall profile, so I guess any feedback would be great. I'm in my penultimate year at UofT (Toronto) majoring in Statistics and Astrophysics...
  3. Cody.Wan

    Econometric course for prospect financial engineering student?

    I'm a sophomore in an undergraduate business school. For some reasons, my courses are a bit packed. I've decided to apply to master in financial engineering programs so that besides tons of graduate requirement courses I have to take, most of the courses I plan to take are finance, math, stats...
  4. M

    Specific Undergraduate Major Advice

    I am a high-school senior in the midst of college applications. In my applications, many of the universities/colleges are asking me to apply to a specific school inside the college. However, I am unsure of which major will most directly get me to a masters in financial mathematics or a career as...
  5. P

    Senior undergraduate need advice

    Hi, I am expecting this post will make upright fellows consider me as another ignorant undergraduate posting question asking about the life universe and everything else and I am more than happy to listen for all kinds of advice you would like to give, while some of them I might not understand...
  6. Vanessa Quintero

    Undergraduate looking for advice

    Hello all! So this is my first post. I am a freshman in college and I chose to major in Electrical Engineering, however, I don't know if that is what I would really like to be. I was talking to a fellow friend who is also a Professor that traveled and has experienced a great deal. He had...