visual studio

  1. Felix Kotey

    Tutorial: QuantLib Boost Installation in Visual Studio 2012

    These are step-by-step instructions to install QuantLib and Boost on the Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 IDE These instructions are for MS Visual C++ 2012 only. If you have earlier versions of this IDE (2008, 2005...) then have a look at this page. Before using QuantLib you need to install the Boost...
  2. D

    TUTORIAL: Boost 1.37.0 + QuantLib 0.9.6 and Visual Studio 2008

    I am about 12 years past my last programming (full-time) adventures. Then it was in C and I am looking to jump into Boost ( QuantLib ( using the MS Visual C++ Express Edition 2008. I am using this on a Vista machine and have run into some linking issues. I...