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2013-2014 QuantNet Ranking of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

Discussion in 'Quant Programs' started by QuantNet, 9/23/13.

  1. QuantNet

    QuantNet Administrator
    Staff Member

    NEW YORK, September 24th, 2013 – QuantNet today released its 3rd bi-annual rankings, selecting the Best 25 Master Programs in Financial Engineering, Mathematical Finance, Quantitative Finance in North America.

    QuantNet surveyed programs administrators, hiring managers, corporate recruiters, and finance professionals to get the information used in the 2013-14 rankings.

  2. diegosanaz

    diegosanaz BU MSMF

    This is exciting. Who do you guys think No1 will be?
  3. 1)Princeton 2)UCB 3)CMU 4)Cornell 5)NYU....IDK why I'm actually so excited about this lol
  4. Andy Xu

    Andy Xu New Member

    WOW. Isn't there a ceremony with live TV broadcasting?
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  5. Andy Nguyen

    Andy Nguyen Member

    Just a heads up that in this year rankings, when you hover the rank box, it will show the Total score of programs on a scale of 100.
    #5 Andy Nguyen, 9/24/13
    Last edited: 9/24/13
  6. Joy Pathak

    Joy Pathak Swaptionz

    Boom!! It's been 2 years already since the last one.. dammn. Time flies by.
  7. Paz Grimberg

    Paz Grimberg New Member

    How can you possibly take this ranking seriously if Stanford's FM isn't even on it?
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  8. Fer Carranza

    Fer Carranza Member

    Hey @Paz Grimberg, Stanford has ended their mathfin program (well, it ends after this year in summer 2014). They are doing something new but it isn't out yet, so at the moment there's no program.
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  9. UFklowery

    UFklowery New Member

    Is there any way to see what the universities scored in each of the categories?
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  10. It's wonderful that GaTech's QCF has made it to top 10. I rarely came across forums where it is discussed. I got curious a few months ago and spoke to a couple of current students and they did give positive information about the program. @Andy Nguyen, I guess they deserve their tag now.
  11. mikaelyoo

    mikaelyoo New Member

    Would somebody be able to tell me about this new Stanford program they are formulating?
  12. Tianyu Li

    Tianyu Li Member
      C++ Certified

    Glad to see Fordham MSQF and UW CompFin finally listed in the rank.
  13. Andy Nguyen

    Andy Nguyen Member

    Yes, every program ranked in our latest ranking will have their own prefix, if they don't already have one.
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  14. outsidethebox

    outsidethebox New Member

    Hi Andy, I'd like to set my own weights. Any chance you'll publish the data?
  15. subhasishs

    subhasishs New Member
      C++ Certified

    Not sure why University of Waterloo MQF is not on the list. IMHO..Waterloo is far far better than those 60K-70K tution program on the list. Anyhow, I hope the list will increase in stature as time progresses.
  16. IntoDarkness

    IntoDarkness Active Member

    waterloo's 2012 employment record is kinda weak...
  17. diegosanaz

    diegosanaz BU MSMF

    There is a cluster of in scores for Toronto, BU, Chicago and Rutgers. Kind of surprised Chicago is going lower and lower. Also surprised about GaTech. Didn't expect those guys to make it to top 10 all of a sudden.
  18. Xianhao Xin

    Xianhao Xin Member
      C++ Certified

    One small suggestion to the methodology .
    for starting salary part, I suggest to use the salary adjusted by living expense index rather than absolute salary.
    we know $100k in New York city is certainly different from earning of $100k in Houston .
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  19. subhasishs

    subhasishs New Member
      C++ Certified

    Its hard for me to digest the fact that programs ranked from 16 to 25 could do better than Waterloo in terms of Employment after graduation, how well the courses are taught, How much computationally intensive the program is. Granted that the calibre of students @Waterloo is much higher.
  20. Lamer Chrystle

    Lamer Chrystle New Member

    If this factor should be in, then "opportunity gain due to geographical location" also should be in. we know opportunity in New York City is far better than one in Houston. (In terms of not only quantity, but also diversity)

    Long story short, it's difficult to implement relative measure in the model. There are too many things to consider, which will make model too complex.
    #20 Lamer Chrystle, 9/24/13
    Last edited: 9/25/13
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