Baruch MFE 2020 Baruch MFE Employment Data


Baruch MFE Director
All the December 2020 and May 2021 Baruch MFE graduates accepted full-time employment offers in the financial industry prior to graduation. This was the best recruiting season ever for our students, according to all metrics - timing of offers, salary, sign-on bonus.

Moreover, 92% of our current students accepted summer internship offers already.

First Year Base Salary and Sign-on Bonus
December 20 Median: 150K; Average: 150K; High: 210K; Low: 100K

Dec19-May20 Median: 140K; Average: 147K; High: 235K; Low: 100K
Dec18-May19 Median: 128K; Average: 130K; High: 195K; Low: 95K

First Year Base Salary
December 20 Median: 125K; Average: 126K; High: 150K; Low: 90K

Dec19-May20 Median: 120K; Average: 122K; High: 160K; Low: 95K
Dec18-May19 Median: 110K; Average: 111K; High: 155K; Low: 90K

Employers (some with multiple hires; selected): Adoy, Bank of America, Bank of New York, Barclays, Beacon Platform, Bloomberg, BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, IMC Trading, JPMorgan, Quantitative Brokers, RBC Capital Markets, Simon Markets, Squarepoint Capital

Location: New York 85%; US (other) 11%; Asia 4%