2022 Risk.net Quant Finance Master's Guide


I'm Ryan and I work in the digital ops department at Risk.net.

I saw some posts about the guide, and wanted to post the link for this year! Quant Finance Master's Guide 2022

There are also tons of relevant articles that were written surrounding the guide, so I'll link them below unlocked. I work closely with our editorial staff, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Is it worth doing a quant master’s degree?
Princeton, Baruch and Berkeley top for quant master’s degrees
Starting salaries jump for top quant grads
Analysts reveal more than company execs on earnings calls – AB

If a subscription is something you'd seriously consider, but don't have the means to - I'm happy to see if we can work with your professors or directors. I may have contacts to help the process get rolling!