$50 Amazon gift card as appreciation if someone can help me figure out this model

First of all, I am new to this forum and this is not a spam. I would have put $100 or $200 in subject line instead if it were a spam.
I have spent so many hours on this model but still can't figure out how to calculate 3-Day Smoothing Distance from 30-Day Mean (Z-Score). Therefore, I decided to reach out to this community after some research on Google.

This model uses ValueLine data, which I have attached it here as well. The reason I like it because it detected last year's crash in mid Feb and had a buy signal in mid April. I want to backtest it with historical S&P 500 data, but can't figure out the logic behind it. I would give out a $50 Amazon gift card as a small appreciation for the first person who posts a solution (Prefer Excel file) here. Yes, everyone in this community can see it, I am not hiding it just for myself. As long as the outcome is within 5% range of the signals on the signal tab in my Excel file (please refer to my attachment and 2nd image), I would accept it. Thank you again! Your help is much appreciated.

2020 graph.jpg




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