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Baruch MFE 5th Year Quant Career Development Report - Baruch MFE Program


Baruch MFE Director
The 2020 5th Year Quant Career Development Report was released today; see attached and below

The second such report from our program, and the only report of its kind, it is made relevant across different institution types and roles by the 90% alumni response rate!

[The survey was distributed to all the 2013-2015 Baruch MFE alumni. Of the 68 alumni surveyed, 61 responded, representing a 90% response rate. 60 of the 61 alumni who responded continue to work in the financial services industry. 88% of them work in the US, within the Greater New York area.]

The report contains data in the following categories:
- Job Tenure
- Organization Type and Area of Focus
- Nature of Work and Job Satisfaction
- Compensation: Institution Type / Role / Prior Experience / Prior Education

This year, the report contains specific questions related to the COVID-19 Pandemic:
- Job Status
- Allocation of Time Saved by Not Commuting
- Productivity of Remote vs Office Work
- Working from Home Challenges


  • 5th-Year-Quant-Career-Development-Report-Baruch-MFE-March2020.pdf
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