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Columbia MFE about 2013 Columbia MFE Admission


Just had my interview with Columbia. The interviewer was a Phd candidate (had expected someone from adcom). Interview started on time and was a general chit chat.
Interviewer started with asking about my work and my career goals. Then he asked me how do I see structured products (my interest area) market in long term. Rest were the general question Why Columbia? (Interview giggled on my answer and said its good to hear so many good things about Columbia) Other places applied to? How will I fund my studies? and what if I don't get a call from Columbia, what are my next plans.

My interview went for more than allotted time. I think it lasted around 20-25 minutes.


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I finished with my interview an hour back.

Interview started with an Introduction and "Why Columbia?" while answering this, I mentioned about interest in Asset Management, so he asked what area within Asset Management.

Then I was predictably asked the two questions: "Which other programs have you applied for and where do you rank Columbia among them?" and "How do you plan to fund your studies?"

After this, although I was expecting the interview to have ended, I was asked the cliched question "Tell me about an ethical dilemma you have faced in the course of your career". Thankfully I was able to make something up ;)

The interview lasted around 13 mins for me, including me asking questions to the interviewer.

Hope this helps to those who are yet to interview!

All the best :)


I gave my interview today..
these wer the questions

tellme abt youself?
why columbia?
other universities?
have ulooked at the cirriculum?
electives i want to choose?
was asked which risk is prominent in the coming years? & y
What is VAR?
explain VAR?
how do u calculate VAR?

Interview lasted exactly 10 mins..


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A very short interview. 5 minutes. I talked a bit fast - hope that is not a problem.
1) Introduction and how/why I can/will be successful in the program.
2) Programming languages known (since I mentioned my work ex in ques. no1)
3) career goals
4) what other schools and what is your first choice and why?
5) Funding

no technical questions


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It is necessarily a video call for everyone? I was thinking on taking it through skype on my phone..is that possible/advisable?


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It is necessarily a video call for everyone? I was thinking on taking it through skype on my phone..is that possible/advisable?
As far as I know, we are supposed to have a video interview. Moreover that fact that the interviewers are accepting the video calls supports my belief. Hence, I feel it won't be advisable to do just a voice call.


Mine lasted 04:27, is that bad?

Questions :
1. Why MFE?
2. What other programs, preference?
3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
4. How do you define success, do you think you will be successful?
5. How are you planning to fund?


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Mine lasted 04:27, is that bad?
Based on the number of questions they asked, you got as many as everyone else did. So if the less time is owing to you answering those questions succinctly, I don't think there should be any problem :)
Just finished my interview. It was general, friendly chit-chat like interview. No technical questions. A rough list:

Why are you a good candidate?
Why Columbia ?
Where did you hear about the program?
Applied to any other programs?
If admitted:
- How will the program help you achieve your goals ?
- Where do you see yourself in 10 years ?
How will you finance your studies ?
Do you have any questions?

Duration: 11 minutes 20 seconds.

I was told that the final decisions would be out in mid-February.

I was told the same. Good luck to you all!


Did anyone ask when they will send out the results? They said mid-Feb a month ago. But I am wondering they may have a specific date since it is very close now.